Procedures of filing(of records) for representative offices of Overseas Nongovernmental Organizations


Welcome to file(of records) for representative offices of Overseas Nongovernmental Organizations(hereafter referred to as Overseas NGOs). Please read the following information carefully. Thank you.


I.          contents required for record

The representative offices of Overseas NGO shall , within 30 days upon the receipt of the certificate of registration, submit the following contents to Administration Office of Overseas NGOs’ Affairs.

1.      {C}copy of the certificate of tax registration ;

2.      {C}seal pattern;

3.      {C}bank account at bank in China

4.      {C}Valid identity and resume of the other staff;.


II.         Documents required

The following documents are required:

1.      {C}original and copy of tax registration certificate;

2.      {C}Filing (of Records) for Representative Offices of Overseas Nongovernmental Organizations;

3.      {C}Valid identity of the other staff;

4.      {C}original and copy of resume of the other staff;

5.      {C}other documentation and materials required by laws or regulations.


III.        Office hours/Address

1.Office Hours:

Monday to Friday



No.1500 Minsheng Road, Pudong New District, Shanghai


IV.        Hotline for Inquiries  021-28951709


V.         Website Address






                                                         Administrative Office of Overseas NGOs of

Shanghai  Public  Security  Bureau

                                                        January 2017